This Schedule B forms part of the Software License Agreement (the “Agreement”) between BidBow Inc. (“BidBow”) and Customer. All terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement.

During the Term, in additions to the licenses and other rights provided for in the Agreement, BidBow will provide Customer with the Subscription Services listed below. All Subscription Services, on being provided by BidBow to Customer hereunder, are subject to all applicable terms and conditions of the Agreement, including the Subscription Terms.

  1. Updates:

BidBow will provide such Enhancements (including to the Documentation) as BidBow may from time to time, in its sole discretion, make generally available to Customers. Customer does not have any right hereunder to receive any new versions of the licensed software that BidBow may, in its sole discretion, release from time to time. Customer shall be responsible to install all Enhancements. Customer acknowledges that further Enhancements and support services may not be available if Customer fails to install the latest Enhancements.

  1. Support Service:

Support services will be available through chat (as available on the BidBow website at and email (at on Business Days between 9 am and 5pm Eastern Time, or by submitting a support ticket on BidBow’s support page ( If an issue cannot be resolved by chat or email, a screen sharing session may be scheduled at a mutually agreed time between Customer or User, as applicable, and BidBow. BidBow may request the license key prior to providing any support services hereunder.

Customers will receive a response within 3 Business Days to (i) a request for support sent by email,  (ii) requests made through chats initiated outside of business hours, or (iii) support tickets opened through the website’s support page. Email answers will be provided to the email address associated with the applicable Manager Account or User Account, or such other email as may be specified in a support request.

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