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BidBow Estimating Software Training

Advance your estimating skills and career prospects. Get certified on the easiest and most powerful estimating software on the market.
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Course Reviews
"BidBow helped me learn a best practice methodology for cost estimation and bid pricing."

Saad Fanek, Lotus Contracting
"Excellent course with substantial information to get you familiar with cost estimating and cost control."

Hafez Barakat, Combined Group Contracting Co.
"It gave me a totally different approach to estimation and will help us save a lot of time."

Purushothman, Muna Noor International
"Easy to use and can finish estimating fast after entering the required data."

Hussain Awdah Allah, SAJCO
"Amazing Experience!"

S.M Shaji, NASGC
"Very nice course, thank you"

Yousef Muwahed, UNEC
"Well taught"

Hamid Sqib, VICC

The BidBow Estimating Course will help you:

Sharpen your skills in construction cost estimating and budgeting
Become proficient in the most powerful and easiest estimating software on the market
Get a valuable certificate to showcase your new skills and commitment to continued professional development
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