Construction Estimating Software

Getting tired of spreadsheets? Experience more accurate and efficient estimating and budgeting.
Construction Estimating Software: BidBow

Easy, powerful, and flexible estimating and budgeting

Improve accuracy
Reduce the gap between estimated and actual cost
Boost efficiency
Increase the bid volume your team can deliver
Make strategic decisions
Focus on strategic analysis to maximize profit and bid wins
Reduce risk
Leave behind error-prone spreadsheets and formulas

How It Works

Get started with a few simple steps
Maintain a database of resources
Group resources into activities
Estimate bid items using resources and activities
Generate the price by distributing indirect  cost over direct items
Generate reports
Watch a 3 minute video explaining how BidBow works


Backed by decades of construction & heavy civil expertise

Building block database

Maintain a database of building blocks for fast and accurate estimating.

Pricing scenarios     

Analyze system-calculated pricing scenarios or create your own scenario.

Predefined reports    

Over 60 reports that cover various needs of the business and stakeholders.

Vendor quote management

Enter, compare, and select vendor and subcontractor quotes.

Smart markup allocation

Allocate indirect cost and markup with complete flexibility.

Cost control             

Build a budget, track executed works, and report on earned value.
"With BidBow, we were able to significantly reduce the gap between estimated costs and actual costs, improving our competitiveness and profitability. We also achieved better cost control and budget management. We are now well-equipped to plan for potential risk areas and to proactively address them."

Samer Abu Daqqa

Group Director of Cost Control, MBA, BSc. Civil Eng., CM-Lean
Engineering Contracting Company LLC
+1 (450) 234-0777
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