Live Webinar: Cost Estimation with BidBow

The 5-step approach to construction estimation & bid pricing

Recent research by Software Advice predicts that construction businesses that use software for creating bids and project management can reduce operational costs by up to 20% and improve estimate accuracy by up to 90%.

The need for improved operational efficiency and estimation accuracy is becoming increasingly important in a competitive and unpredictable market landscape.

Join us in this session to learn how you can improve efficiency, accuracy, and bid win rates with a simple 5-step approach.

Salim Dabbagh
B. Eng. Civil Engineering
Construction industry advisor
Salim is a civil engineer and construction industry veteran, with decades of experience in construction cost estimation, cost control and project management. Salim was responsible for estimating, planning and executing major projects throughout his career, and he pioneered the cost estimation methodology that BidBow is based on. Salim loves spending his time advising and teaching cost estimation and cost control best practices to estimators around the world.
Hadeel Dabbagh
Enterprise software specialist
Hadeel is an enterprise software specialist, with a diverse experience working at reputable software companies in North America, such as CA Technologies (now Broadcom) and Nuance Communications. Hadeel was responsible for the launch of enterprise software products that achieved market leadership within the first year in the market. Hadeel loves working on software products that make people's jobs easier, and that help businesses thrive.
About BidBow
BidBow provides cost estimating software for construction companies, helping them win more bids, at better margins, with less effort.

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