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Resource & Activity Database

Easily create your own library of resources, activities, and standard bid items that simplify estimation, and make it easy to apply any changes across your bid.

Once these building blocks are created, you can reuse them to estimate all your future projects. The result is faster and more accurate estimates.

With powerful features such as filtering, searching, sorting, and factor setting, building blocks are easy to manage and maintain. In addition, you can quickly see the impact of any changes on the project cost and price.

Predefined Reports

Over 60 predefined reports are available in BidBow, including database reports, project cost reports, pricing reports, as well as detailed reports broken out by different resource category levels, bills, and divisions.

The reports are well thought-out and provide value to estimators and decision makers alike. BidBow reports cater to the needs of various departments including finance, procurement, and management teams.

MS Excel Compatibility

All data in BidBow can be imported from, and exported to, MS Excel with a click of a button, or by copying and pasting.

This speeds up the process by leveraging your existing data and spreadsheets, and ensures that you can always export the data for any additional needs you might have outside of BidBow.

Pricing Scenarios

BidBow calculates two pricing scenarios. One scenario is based on the quantities provided by the client, and the other is based on estimated quantities measured by the estimator from the take-off.

You can choose one of the calculated scenarios, or determine your own price. The system will reverse calculate the markup required to hit your target price, and give you indicators on your selected price competitiveness and profitability.

Flexible Markup Allocation

Markup allocation is one of the most powerful features in BidBow. You can allocate markup with complete flexibility while staying on track with your target price.

Markup can be allocated evenly or unevenly, as values or percentages, on all items or some items.

Budget Control

Regardless of its use for estimation, you can use BidBow to create a budget, track executed works, and generate earned value reports that can be used for cost control.

Comparing the earned value against actual costs empowers you to take corrective action in your current project so you can stay on budget.

In addition, following this process enables you to implement a feedback loop that will help you reduce the gap between your budgeted and actual costs on future projects.
Budget Control Process

Subcontractor Quote Management

BidBow makes it easy to enter subcontractor and supplier quotes, compare them, and select the quotes you want to include in your estimate.

Multilingual Support

Data can be entered in any Windows supported language. Reports will be generated with the data displayed in the language you entered it in.
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