Master Database

Streamline estimation and make it easy to apply changes across your bid. Create a reusable database of resources, activities, and standard bid items.

Using a database instead of spreadsheets can cut down at least 50% of time on your estimates and reports. The result is faster, more accurate estimates and a standard process across your team.

Predefined Reports

Over 60 predefined reports are available in a click covering cost, price, budget, and earned value reports.

Report on the estimate breakdown at various levels to meet the needs of management, procurement, finance, cost control, and project management teams.

Formula-Free Activities

Speed up estimates with activities by grouping resources together and assigning productivity rates.

Reduce the risk of mistakes and formula errors by using activity templates that are easy to create, review, and keep up to date.

Precision Pricing

Compare and evaluate pricing scenarios while knowing your costs. Assess scenarios based on competitiveness and profitability indicators. Select the calculated price or set your own target price.

Allocate markup with complete flexibility while staying on track with your target price. Distribute markup evenly or unevenly, as values or percentages, on all items or some items.

MS Excel Compatibility

All data can be imported from, and exported to, MS Excel in a click, or by copying and pasting.

Speed up your rollout by leveraging your existing data and spreadsheets. Export your data for any additional reporting and analysis needs.

Budget Control

Build a budget, track executed work, and generate earned value reports that can be used for cost control.

Compare earned value against actual costs and take corrective action to stay on track with your project budget.

Apply a feedback loop process that will help you reduce the gap between estimated and actual costs.
Budget Control Process

Subcontractor Quote Management

Easily enter subcontractor quotes, compare them, and select the quotes you want to include in your estimate.

Multilingual Support

Use any Windows supported language. Reports will be generated with the data displayed in the language it was entered.
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