Why dual-quantity estimating can help you win more bids
If you have been estimating construction projects, then you are already familiar with using a quantity figure to calculate the cost of any bid item. Multiplying the quantity by the unit cost generates the total cost of any item. But did you know that dual-quantity estimating using two quantity figur...
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How to prepare a detailed construction estimate in 5 steps
There are different types of cost estimating methods used in construction. The choice of method depends on the stage and type of the project being estimated. When a bid needs to be submitted to a client, a detailed estimate is often required. A detailed estimate allows for a high degree of accuracy,...
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Cost estimation challenges and opportunities
Cost estimation is one of the most important functions in a construction company. Done right, it can be the key reason companies win projects and build a thriving business. Done wrong, it can lead to significant loss of time, effort, and money. Given challenging global economic conditions and a high...
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