How to manage estimation team overload
Managing a construction estimation team is a challenging task, particularly when the team is overwhelmed with projects. The pressure to complete each project on time and with a high quality can be overwhelming, and it may seem like there are few options available to alleviate the burden. However, th...
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Key Steps to Implement Budget Control in Construction Projects
Effective budget control is a critical component of project management for construction companies. Despite their best efforts, many companies still face challenges in implementing effective budget control measures, resulting in cost overruns and delays. One of the first roadblocks is the lack of ali...
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Why spreadsheets are not the right tool for estimation
Spreadsheets are a commonly used tool across the construction industry, from finance, project management and reporting. They are a powerful tool for organizing data, performing calculations, and creating charts and graphs. However, when it comes to estimation, are spreadsheets the right tool to use?...
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Why dual-quantity estimating can help you win more bids
If you have been estimating construction projects, then you are already familiar with using a quantity figure to calculate the cost of any bid item. Multiplying the quantity by the unit cost generates the total cost of any item. But did you know that dual-quantity estimating using two quantity figur...
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How to prepare a detailed construction estimate in 5 steps
There are different types of cost estimating methods used in construction. The choice of method depends on the stage and type of the project being estimated. When a bid needs to be submitted to a client, a detailed estimate is often required. A detailed estimate allows for a high degree of accuracy,...
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Cost estimation challenges and opportunities
Cost estimation is one of the most important functions in a construction company. Done right, it can be the key reason companies win projects and build a thriving business. Done wrong, it can lead to significant loss of time, effort, and money. Given challenging global economic conditions and a high...
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