Trusted by Leading Construction Experts

  • "I spent years trying to convince management to move from spreadsheets to a specialized estimation solution. My request was met with resistance until I showed them BidBow. Once management saw all the reports BidBow can generate, I got immediate buy-in and we haven’t looked back since."

    Emad Sallam

    Chief Construction Officer
    Yathreb Contracting Company
    "I dreamed of having a construction estimating software that will provide me with all the functionality I was looking for to grow my business. BidBow gave me all the functionality I dreamed of, and a lot more. The product really stands out in how it handles activity costing and indirect cost allocation in a simple way."

    Wissam Jindy

    General Manager
    Square Construction & Developments
    "With BidBow, we were able to significantly reduce the gap between estimated costs and actual costs, improving our competitiveness and profitability. We also achieved better cost control and budget management. We are now well-equipped to plan for potential risk areas and to proactively address them."

    Samer Abu Daqqa

    Group Director of Cost Control
    Engineering Contracting Company
  • "BidBow empowers me to easily validate the estimations of my team. I'm able to perform what-if analysis to make more informed decisions, set margins and markups in flexible ways, and generate detailed reports - within minutes before finalizing a bid."

    Vivek Malhotra

    Tendering Manager
    Engineering Contracting Company LLC
    "BidBow helped me learn a best practice methodology and a repeatable process for cost estimation and bid pricing. I was able to quickly get started estimating and building a database that I can use to price any bid."

    Saad Al Fanek

    Office Engineer
    Lotus Trading & Contracting Co
    "BidBow building blocks are like Lego pieces. You can use them to build what you want. But if you want to build a spaceship to go to the moon, you need to take the BidBow training. The training provided us with answers and new ideas on how to meet our business goals."

    Hafez Barakat

    Director, Strategies & Tactics
    Management Consulting
  • "BidBow helped us substantially increase our bid win rates and enabled us to establish a repeatable process within our estimation division."

    Watheq Basuni

    Head of Tendering Department
    Combined Group Contracting
    "Since we started using BidBow, we have been very satisfied with the product functionality, user-friendly experience, and rich reporting that benefits all our company departments."

    Saleh Alawi

    Contracts Manager
    Gulf Contractors Company

Why Choose BidBow?

The power of simplicity

Training & implementation time
Days or weeks
Cost codes
Automated, hassle-free
Manual, cumbersome
One-click generation
Must be configured
Languages for data entry
All Windows languages
Limited language support
Ease of use
Simple, logical
Margin calculation
Multiple options
Limited options
Pricing scenarios
Multiple options
Limited options
Indirect cost & markup
Simple, powerful
Complex, many steps
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